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Together with the convenience of student life, Berkeley Residences give value as an investment. The abode provides a place for students to relax, socialize, study and unwind at the student lounge with the convenience of internet access. A recreation room is also available for residences for entertaining and stimulating games of chess, billiards or table tennis. Moreover, a roofed structured garden Gazebo offers an open view of the surrounding area for relaxing and entertaining activities. Do your daily laps at the swimming pool located at the fourth floor. This humble abode is also complete with a spa and other conventional retail stores available for every student and young individual's need. Live up to where everything is happening, Berkeley Residences is the new condominium with a prime location. It's a hop away from schools, restaurants and shopping centers.

The Condos has a function room which the residents are given the privilege to hold various functions such as birthday parties and much more. Even the students may want to celebrate their birthdays with loved ones and friends. Hence, the students can find it easy to hold their various functions at the available function rooms. The function room can also be used to conduct various meetings. The room can accommodate more than 100 people. Also, the room is flexible since it can be easily designed to meet the requirements of a particular event. The project management team helps the residents in the designing of the function room. All the residents are required to do to use the function room, is to book the room early in advance so that the project management team can know how and where to help them.

For those with kids, Berkeley Residences has a playing ground for the children. The playing area has enough space to conduct different games such as the tennis, football and much more. Also, the game ground consists of playing equipment such as swings, merry go round, slides, playing tubes and much more. The kids tend to enjoy living in the Berkeley Residences due to the presence of all the playing equipment in the area. Also, the children tend to stay physically fit while playing at the playing ground. The children get the chance to socialize with other kid from the various family backgrounds which tend to boost their self-esteems. Feel free to bring your kids along when you decide to rent a condo unit at the Berkeley Residences since they will be busy at the playing ground as you continue with your work in your condo unit.

Apart from the playing ground, the kids can also spend time at the kiddie or toddler pool. The kiddie pool is wide enough to accommodate more than twenty children. In your free time, you can spend time teaching your kid how to swim as well as the different swimming styles you know. By teaching your kid to swim, he or she can grow up to be one of the great swimmers in future. The kiddie swimming pool’s water is regularly changed and treated by the part of the project management team to maintain the kids’ health. Hence, do not worry if the water is clean enough for your child.

Not only the kids enjoy the pleasure of swimming, but also the adults. The Berkeley Residences has an Olympic size swimming pool for the adults. One can spend his or her free time at the swimming pool in practicing some of the swimming styles such as the breaststroke, freestyle swimming, backstroke, butterfly stroke, front crawl, sidestroke, and much more. Also, one can just relax in the pool while bonding with your family as well as friends. The adults’ swimming pool is also cleaned and maintained by the project management team. Swimming is one of the greatest methods of body therapy since all of our body muscles are involved in the swimming act.

The students residing at the Berkeley Residences can relax and spend time in the student lounge. Also, they can conduct their various discussions as well as get to share ideas at the lounge. The student lounge is quiet and conducive; hence the students can find it convenient to conduct their studies at the lounge to improve their grades. 

  • 50-Meter Lap Pool
  • Student Lounge With Internet Connection
  • Recreation Room With Table Tennis, Chess and Billiard Tables
  • Convenience Store
  • Coffee Shop
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